To Suzie Q's Corner
At the intersection of fun and amusement

Welcome to Suzie Q’s Corner! We’re a fun center located in Maryland. A safe place that you can bring your children to hangout and make new friends Fridays-Sundays.

Our Mission

We want to make Suzie Q’s Corner feel like a fun and comfortable place to be. Like your child’s home away from home. We also want every parent in our community to have a safe haven where kids are able to enjoy themselves and run freely.




The 3 C’s. They’re the 3 core values that we live by and keep in mind when running our business on a daily basis. Curiosity, community, and creativity. We have a passion for caring for our community, encouraging curiosity, and inspiring creativity in each and every child that walks into Suzie Q’s Corner.


Silver Package

Our packages start at 3 hours.
$ 55
  • 3 Hours of Care

Gold Package

Our packages start at 3 hours.
$ 150
  • 10 Hours of Care

Our Covid-19 Policy

We have a licensed cleaning company that comes in every night to thoroughly clean the facility. Whenever anyone walks in the door, there will be hand sanitizer available and mandatory temperature checks. Masks are still required at this moment in time.