About Us

Hello, my name is Susan! I started Suzie Q’s Corner because I saw that parents were in need of weekend downtime. I’m a parent myself and I understand how important it is to be able to run errands, have a cup of coffee with friends, and just have some adult time.


I have been teaching for over 25 years and everyday that I go to work a parent would come up to me and ask if I was able to look after their child over the weekend. That’s why I deemed it necessary to open Suzie Q’s Corner to have a safe place for children in our community to have fun and be themselves.


Along the way, I had to be patient getting permits during the Covid-19 lockdown (a.k.a the dreaded year 2020, lol). I also searched far and wide to find the perfect facility to call home. 


I want to make Suzie Q’s Corner feel like a fun and comfortable place to be. Like your child’s home away from home. I also want every parent in our community to have a safe haven where kids are able to enjoy themselves and run freely.